Ancient Egypt – KQ1 – Launching the Enquiry. So you think you know about Ancient Egypt?

What can we quickly add to what we already know about Ancient Egypt?

Step 1

Start the topic with a bang. Pupils are going to plan an expedition to Ancient Egypt to continue recent excavations which have unearthed some even more sensational finds.  Pupils need to know where Egypt is and what conditions they will find when their expedition arrives.  Having set the scene for the main activity which forms the bulk of KQ2, you need to release prior knowledge that pupils might have and to quickly give them a feel for a distant time and place.  Unlike many of the KS2 topics pupils now have to study, Ancient Egypt is a period pupils often know a good deal about but we can’t make assumptions for all pupils so there is a good mix of activities offering new information as well as opportunities to consolidate.

After telling them about the expedition, introduce the topic through the use of a placemat, provided on slide 2.  Pupils work in pairs to take it in turns to identify, and if possible to name, any of the images they see on the page.  They should be able to find at least six, such

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