Ancient Egypt – KQ2 – How can we discover what Ancient Egypt was like over 5,000 years ago?

Pupils are invited to join an archaeological excavation, using slide 2-5 to set the scene. Before they can begin their preparations, they need to know where they are going (both the country and the location within the country) and what conditions to expect. They also need to convince the organisers that they know where to look for the tombs.  This will involve some useful atlas work.  Pupils should be helped to locate Egypt on a world map and the river Nile within Egypt.

Step 1

Then the important bit. Where would they start looking for ancient tombs?  Explain the importance of the Nile not only for watering the crops but also for providing fertile soil (following annual flooding), mud for bricks and pots, fishing, papyrus reeds and a key means of transport (especially important when moving the heavy stones to build the pyramids).

Smart task 1

Given their understanding of the conditions, where would pupils start looking? Give them an outline map (slide 5) and ask them to mark where they would expect to find the pyramids and temples.  Ask them to mark 8 likely sites with a cross.  Project slide 5 onto the IWB and ask a member from

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