Ancient Egypt – KQ5 Part 1 – Embalming the dead in Ancient Egypt : Great history and great literacy too

Helping the Hopeless Embalmer

This really fun lesson, in the style of ‘mantle of expert’, asks the children to help the Hopeless Embalmer whose boss has left him in charge of preparing the bodies for the afterlife.  Unfortunately, the embalmer is slow to understand and needs very clear guidance in visual and written form.  Are the children up for it?  Can they make sure that the dead people can have a safe journey to the afterlife, knowing that all the preparations are correct?  This provides a good context for developing instructional writing and active use of connectives.

Learning objectives

  • pupils learn to sequence the stages of mummification
  • they can explain the importance of correct preparation for the afterlife
  • they improve their ability to write instructions by effective use of a wide range of connectives

Step 1

Firstly, slow reveal slide 2 on the PowerPoint.  What do you think is happening in this picture? The first thing pupils see is the head of Anubis the jackal. So the children are expecting it to be a picture of the gods. As more of the picture is revealed, so they see that he is carrying out what looks like an operation. Does any

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