Ancient Egypt – KQ3 Part 2 – So who did build the pyramids? Did the Prince of Egypt film get it right?

This active lesson for Year 4 has been adapted from the one featured in the QCA Teacher Assessment Activities for history at Key Stage 2. It involves pupils seeking out clues as in a treasure hunt before researching, as a team, the evidence for who actually built the pyramids.   They then have to come to a decision having weighed up the various options.


Learning objectives

  • pupils can see that there is more than one interpretation of who built the pyramids
  • pupils grasp that some evidence is stronger than others
  • pupils understand that you can hold a different opinion to someone else about the strength of particular pieces of evidence
  •  they appreciate that history has to be rewritten in the light of new evidence

NB Before the start of the lesson you will need to secrete a number of clues provided as a downloadable resource around the room, as part of the treasure hunt aspect of the lesson. You will also need an image of a pyramid and possibly the film referred to below.

Step 1

Slow reveal an image of a pyramid.  Ask the pupils who they think built it.  Then show them the introductory section from the film

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