Benin – KQ1 – Why do YOU think we should study Benin in KS2 history? SMART TASK

After setting Benin in its context of place and time, pupils tour a gallery of images which give them hints as to why Benin might be a significant society, worthy of study. Having pooled their emerging ideas they are given 10 assertions as to why they are important. Pupils then have to place these on a spectrum of significance before arriving at their considered answers.

Introduction – ‘Hooking pupils in’

Start by introducing pupils to slide 2. What do pupils think they are? Explain that this image holds the clue to Benin’s significance. By the end of the lesson pupils will be able to say why.

Step 1

Use slides 3 and 4 to place Benin in its geographical and historical context. Slide 4 shows that we are primarily studying the 10-12th centuries but Benin was also important later as referenced in slides 5 and 6. This will help develop pupils’ chronological understanding.

Step 2

Rather than paint too detailed a picture for the pupils, invite them to work out some ideas for themselves. Why do they think Benin might be important? Slides 2 and 7-12 offer some hints. So, place these around the room as if an art gallery

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