Mary Seacole – KQ5 – Why have we remembered so much about Florence Nightingale and so little about Mary Seacole?

This lesson comes about two thirds of the way through the teaching programme of Florence Nightingale. At this point the children don’t know about Mary. They quickly discover her achievements and then have to work out why it is that she is relatively unknown, compared to Florence. The next session then asks them to think of ways of redressing this unfairness.

Learning objectives

  • children can explain 2 or 3 key contributions Mary Seacole made
  •  they can distinguish between the work of Florence and of Mary
  • they can offer simple reasons why Mary’s reputation is not as high as Florence’s

Getting Started

Use the following steps in conjunction with the provided Downloadable Resources (links shown below) to deliver the lesson. It is recommended that you practise a couple of times to discover how these instructions will best fit your style of teaching.

Step 1

Reveal picture of Mary from the PowerPoint presentation slide called Mary Seacole.

Step 2

Tell a simple story, using a TV programme or the excellent  BBC website (schools/famous people/seacole) which sets out the story really clearly with colourful graphics which works really well if projected onto the Interactive WhiteBoard. You might want to get the children to

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