How did people react to Amy at the time, and how do we know?

Children generate adjectives to describe Amy’s arrival in Australia using a photograph and short newspaper extracts and then are given 10 statements which they have to prove using a gallery of evidence.

First pupils are shown a series of short quotes and a photo from contemporary newspapers (PowerPoint slides 2-5).  Ask them to generate adjectives that describe the crowd’s reaction. You’ll know how best to do this but you should hope for words such as excited, thrilled, possibly proud of her achievements.

Activity 2 is more substantial and called Prove it! Pupils are given a number of statements made in books about Amy (Resource Sheet 1).  For each, pupils have to work out which sources support each statement. To make this more active, and to keep copying of resources to a minimum, the images from PowerPoint slides (labelled A-G on the pictures themselves) are placed around the room as if an art gallery.  Pupils work in pairs using RS1 to record their thoughts.  I often give them a clipboard between them to make it seem more grown–up …and stops their sheets getting creased!  As pupils work this out, encourage the more able pupils to use both columns on RS1 i.e. not just naming any source but selecting the best and noting the rest.

Resource sheet 2 RS2 gives you the suggested answers.


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