Because the topic is aimed at children beginning key stage 1, it is a good idea to spend more time covering this key question in order to establish a sound understanding of toys today as the context for comparison with toys in the past.


Learning objectives

  • Children develop an understanding of the terms same and different and begin to use them
  • They start to distinguish old and new
  • Children are able to sort by colour, shape and material,
  • They start to generate their own questions starting ‘Is it…’ using adjectives as well as nouns.

Activity 1

Start with the Too Many Toys story about other children’s favourite toys and ask the children what is their favourite toy. They should become confident using the phrase My favourite toy is..because…. Then ask why? It will be important for you to model this form with one of your favourite objects to help them get a feel for what sort of things to say. If you like follow this up with Dogger about losing a favourite toy.

Activity 2

Have several toys (e.g. teddy bear, toy car, doll and ball) put aside and one by one (without the children seeing) put them in

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