These activities have been designed for the current curriculum, covering the past within living memory and commemorative events.

The three PowerPoint presentations, including copyrighted images of the 1950s and early 60s from Mary Evans picture library give children a flavour of a familiar event within a past period which seems very different from the present.

Teaching and Learning sequence

Use the PowerPoint presentation 1: Bonfire Night in the past. How different was it when Granny was a girl? to give the children the context they need. Information is provided, alongside helpful period photographs, in the form of speech bubbles to help the stories come alive. The sequence of the slides allows you to tell the story of Bonfire Night in the 50s and early 60s from collecting the wood, preparing the guy and buying the fireworks through to the night itself with all the food that went with it. To make this more active, we have designed a simple sequencing activity, using PowerPoint 2: Getting ready for Bonfire Night. All you need to do is print out slides 2-6, the 5 images for the children to sequence. You might want to remove the textboxes to present greater challenge.


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