Handling sources of evidence

Having explored the range of visual sources available to historians studying the three queens, pupils actively try to match statements historians make to the sources they would have used, before going on to create a statement and supporting source of their own.

Learning objectives

  • Pupils can identify 4 different types of evidence and see that some are different and some are the same over the three reigns e.g paintings, photographs, film

Suggested approach

Step 1

Engage the pupils by asking them to look at slide 2 which contains images of the three queens, all drawn from different types of source. Encourage them to see that they share some of the same types of evidence e.g painted portraits as well as different ones e.g. filmReinforce these ideas by going over the statements on slide 3.

Step 2 – Matching evidence to the 3 queens

Can the pupils complete these sentences…We know about Queen Elizabeth 1 by looking at ……..We know about Queen Victoria by looking at….We know about Queen Elizabeth II by looking at…..Make the point that these are visual sources only. There are also written sources e.g. documents such as newspapers. As this

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