How did Guy Fawkes feel before, during and after the night of the 5th November: pupils do the thinking.

Getting children to think about how Guy Fawkes felt, before, during and after the Gunpowder plot.

This simple task, resourced by a short PowerPoint presentation  (not provided, but use images from existing ones on our site) , asks children to consider what Guy Fawkes would be FEELING at 3 different times:

  1. Before the plot, while it was being hatched
  2. During the plot while he was laying the Gunpowder
  3. After he was arrested and the plot seemed destined to fail

In small groups pupils, who are very already familiar with the story itself, have to come up with a few adjectives, e.g. hopeful before the plot, scared  that he might be discovered during the plot and disappointed after the plot had clearly failed. There are lots of options here, of course e.g. frightened that he would be sentenced to death high among them!

Having pooled a few of the children’s ideas, offer them some additional ideas to take their thinking further. Create for yourself some adjectives on  the cards and then ask pupils to match them to one of the pictures on the PowerPoint which show images and text for BEFORE, DURING and AFTER.


He might be looking forward to

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