Here are 10 probing questions.

See how you get on. Oh, and the answers are given below, in case you need them. As if!

Q1. How was Florence Nightingale received by the doctors when she first arrived at the hospital in Scutari?

Q2. Why was Florence known as the Lady of the Lamp?

Q3. Gratitude to Florence came in many forms. Who sent her a particularly special brooch in 1856?

Q4. Lots of photographs of Florence Nightingale show her with letters in her hand. Why?

Q5. How was Florence able to be so influential so she could get things done after the war?

Q6. How did Florence’s skill in mathematics help her in her work as a nurse in the Crimea?

Q7. Her greatest achievement came after her return to Britain following the Crimean War? What was that achievement?

Q8. Florence proved that more soldiers died of diseases than died of their wounds. How was she able to prove this?

Q9. Why were people so upset about the building if a statue to Mary Seacole at St Thomas hospital recently?

Q10. Why, in 2014, did the BBC Trust uphold a complaint against the CBBC programme about Florence and Mary

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