Pupils move from the sequencing of the major events of Mary’s life to a more sophisticated understanding of which of these events were the most significant. By creating a fortunes or living human graph, pupils are able to see the ups and downs of her life and the important turning points. As they do so they build a growing admiration for what Mary was able to achieve.

Step 1

Here pupils build up a narrative of her life, using a story and KQ2 PowerPoint slides 1-13 to help. To consolidate their understanding of the main events, use sequencing cards RS1 to promote sharing of knowledge and also the development of historical language. 13 cards have been provided which match exactly the images on the PowerPoint. You will not want to use all of these with some pupils. I suggest you differentiate for some of your lower attaining pupils by reducing the number to just those labelled with the following letters
– B, E, D ,M, K, P. You can always feed extra ones in once pupils have built their confidence
– The middle ability could have up to 12 cards
– Only the most able need to think of where

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