This fun lesson uses images and very simple text as well as artefacts. It provides an essential grounding in an understanding of the concepts of ‘then and now’, and a ‘long time ago. The use of simple artefacts makes the lesson come alive for pupils across the ability range. There is scope for adding more challenge when discussing how the versions of the rhyme are different but they still tell the same rhyme. Such discussions mark out very young children’s first steps towards understanding the concept of historical interpretations which will be so much a feature of their subsequent work in history.

Learning objectives

  • children are able to distinguish between old and new variants of the same object
  • children are able to talk about the past as being different from the present
  • children are able to recognise images of the past in familiar pictures
  • children recognise that the picture versions of the rhyme may be different in some ways but they are the same rhyme


Start the lesson by slowly revealing a picture of a famous nursery rhyme, using slide 2 of the PowerPoint presentation on your interactive whiteboard or data projector. As more of the picture is revealed

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