Going to the seaside – KQ4 – Do we go on seaside holidays for the same reason people went 100 years ago?

Children discuss the reasons they might have for going on a seaside holiday NOW and then think of the different reasons why people might have gone 100 years ago.  Slides 2 and 3 of the PowerPoint provide some clues.  Slide 4 reinforces the key ideas, with animated captions.  Slide 5 then focuses more on the text, drawing out additional points.
To consolidate their understanding, children are then given a list of 12 possible reasons which might relate to the motives for going on a seaside holiday 100 years ago provided on RS1.  Pupils have to sort these into three piles: ‘True’, ‘Made up/untrue’ and ‘Might be true/unsure’.  The task can obviously be simplified into just 2 piles, and with 6 rather than 12 reasons for those who need more initial support.

You might then like to record pupils’ understanding by asking them to complete three speech bubbles, printed from slide 6 of the PowerPoint.


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