New theory on sinking of the Titanic

Those of you teaching the great KS1 topic on the sinking of the Titanic will be interested to know that the debate still goes. What we term a history mystery in the outstanding lesson, certainly is every bit a mystery. Now, 30 years of further research has led some experts to believe that a fire, rather than simply the iceberg was responsible. For years, historians had know about the fire, but had dismissed it as being of lesser importance. New studies reveal that the fire in the coal store was so intense , at 1,000 degrees that it fatally damaged the rigidity of the hull. Careful study of photographs show the line of weakness. When faced with the impact with the iceberg it could not withstand it, in a way it normally would.

As with so much else in this tragic tale, we also learn that the owners knew about the fire . One of the reasons why the Titanic was going so fast was because burning more coal was the only way to stop the fire.

The puzzle continues.

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