Smart Task: Popping corks? What is the best analogy to explain the causes of the French Revolution

A smart task for Gifted and Talented pupils in Y9.

Towards the end of your study of the causes of the French Revolution, why not ask your G&T pupils to consider the best analogy to explain the causes of the French Revolution.

Is it popping of corks as if the problems of French society and government had all been building up in the wine bottles in the cellar until a moment when they all popped at once?

Was it rather a question of a bonfire of grievances being built up over time and needing only a spark to set it off?

Perhaps a final straw that broke the camel’s back?

The accompanying PowerPoint offers some visual images to whet the Gifted and Talented pupils’ appetites so they can use their creative powers to produce a well-considered analogy of their own.


pdf logo How can we explain why a revolution broke out in France in 1789?

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