When Prohibition was so popular when it was introduced, why had it failed within 12 years? SMART TASK

In this varied series of activities, students predict from pictures, categorise influence cards, and create a tweet before structuring an answer that will impress a GCSE examiner.


Project slide 2 which is a pretty dramatic image. What does it show and how does it help answer today’s question. The image comes from 1930 and shows the problems US officials had with people going to extreme lengths to evade customs official on the borders.

Step 1

Students are shown slide 3 which has some visual clues as to four reasons why prohibition failed. These are deliberately opaque but it will promote immediate discussion as all can have a go. If you press the coloured boxes they will reveal a caption to check their early thinking. Stress that there are two more complicated tasks ahead. Show slide 4. Can you think which reason this source suggests?

Step 2

Working from this base of four simple ideas, now introduce students to the 16 influence cards provided as RS1. Students have to come up with their own headings which might draw on the earlier images or could be their own. Give out 5 sticky notes per group. On these they write their headings,

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