SMART TASK: Overview of Irish history; a question of perspectives.

This smart task looks at iconic moments in Irish history and then challenges students to think how well each event is known by the Catholic and Protestant communities.

1. Start by asking students in pairs (one to be a Catholic student, the other a Protestant to get a variety of perspectives) to come up with as many events in Irish history they can think about which would be well-known to students in Ireland today.

2. Once you have taken in and discussed their ideas, introduce Resource sheet 1 which shows a list of events that were sent to students in Ireland to see how well-known they were in a. Catholic Schools and b. Protestant schools.

3. Students work in pairs to think if the event would be better known by Catholic students (put C), Protestant students (put P) or equal (put E).

4. Following discussion, show the results of the survey using Resource sheet 2 and go through the findings asking students to highlight any surprises.

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