Top 5 features of expert history teaching at KS1

Top five features of expert teaching at KS1

  1. The key is challenge. Only by you setting high expectations will you be able to lift pupils’ aspirations so they don’t just settle for the best they think they can do.

Tip: Think about placing pupils in the role using the Mantle of the Expert approach

  1. Clear and memorable explanations to ensure that all pupils acquire new knowledge , skills and, above all, understanding. You focus particularly carefully most on those areas where pupils often have misconceptions.
  2. Modelling how to apply the skills, and knowledge the pupils have acquired so that they are genuinely thinking historically . This may be as simple as giving evidence to support their view that the toy is old, not new.
  3. Questioning in a variety of ways to make sure that pupils think hard and can draw on their new-found understanding to substantiate their answers. So what do you think was the most important reason why the Great Fire burned down so many houses?
  4. Feedback so that pupils know how to keep their standards high and even improve their understanding.
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