Teaching Life in Tudor Times for KS2

The world has gone mad! Gove has axed the Tudors from Key Stage 2 history. My advice. Carry on regardless. It is too good a learning experience for pupils for them to miss out on....
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Teaching Anglo-Saxons & Vikings for Key Stage 2

The current National Curriculum has afforded separate status for individual units of work on the Anglo-Saxons and Vikings. Whilst this may be applauded in some circles, it has increased the amount of pre-1066 history to...
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Teaching Roman Britain for Key Stage 2

Teaching the Roman Empire and its impact on Britain at KS2 Drafting the history content proved highly controversial. Many of us felt that too much content that traditionally had been taught in KS3 was being foisted...
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How to teach Ancient Greece to Key Stage 2

To all intents and purposes, the ancient Greek planning and all the outstanding lessons fit just as perfectly with the current curriculum as well as the existing one.  The only difference might be is where...
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