Time to drop insanity of a 3 year GCSE history course

Of all the phases of history education pupils now go through, KS4 is by far the least appealing. So why 50% of schools prolong the agony of KS4 by starting it in Y9? We all know the answer, of course: it might lead to better exam results. so where’s the problem? well, not that OFSTED is focusing more on curriculum they are starting to criticise schools where there are significant gas in pupils’ knowledge. Why is this? Well.it obvious. try covering 3 years’ content in 2 years and gaps will be exposed. Especially now that OFSTED’s focus is more directly on the curriculuj. The early OFSTED reports under the 2019 Framework in September and October  have now started referring to ‘significant gaps in pupils’ knowledge and understanding So, time to change? Yes, but not because of OFSTED, but because KS3 is a still better course than KS4.

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