LESSON IDEA: Edward IV was more successful as a king in his second reign than his first’. How far do you agree with this view?’


1. Introductory. Brainstorm Edward’s achievements and failures.

2. Provide students with cards for them to place on a spectrum from ‘unsuccessful’ to ‘highly successful’.

3. Compare this with historians’ verdicts you have available.

4. Ask the students to making any adjustments they see fit. They add to the card a score. Minus 10 for a really bad failure, plus 10 for a really great success and all points in between.

5. Now move to the Living graph template (see downloadable file). Can students now place the cards in some sort of chronological order, along the horizontal axis? Not all will be linked to a specific date of course. Ask them to do their best with this, and leave any out if they really have no ideas where to put it. With the cards in rough chronological order, now ask the students to place the cards on the graph template. Those above the line are the positives etc

6. Students create their own graphs in groups of 3 and then compare with each others, making adjustments to their own if necessary.

7. Now you weigh in and show ‘one you did earlier’. Emphasise that theirs like yours is just one

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