Whatever you choose to study for your post-1066 thematic unit here are some pointers to help.

1. Try to make as much use as you can of your existing Tudor, Victorian and Life in Britain since the 30s as you can.

What’s to stop you re-working one of your favourite topics, after all the examples come from Victorians and WW2. Could you do the Tudors here?  A unit for Y6 has been written by Keystage history called Beyond Face Value. This includes:
a. Portraits of Henry VIII and Elizabeth I
b. Factory owners and factory workers’ contrasting versions of what factory life was like
c. Evacuation: whose version should we believe?
d. The Blitz; would you be taken in by the government’s propaganda?

2. Try to focus on an issue of community interest

This might be, for example: They came to our shores: taking the story of invaders and settlers from Romans, Saxons and Vikings through to the present day.  This is great for helping pupils, understand contemporary discussions of immigration in a historical context and makes history relevant to many pupils offering them a chance to consider the cultural roots of their family.  Again most appropriate for

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