SMART TASK: The Treaty of Versailles: could it possibly be to blame for the Weimar Republic’s defeat nearly 14 years later?

This SMART task revolves around 6 slides on one PowerPoint presentation.  It comes as a penultimate activity prior to students writing an extended answer to the question.  The first slide is a slow reveal of a Nazi election poster of 1931 but all students are told that it is a German document.  Four parts of the document are revealed in a pre-determined sequence.

The first shows a clenched fist and a swastika.  The second shows shackled wrists with a clear reference to the ‘illes’ ending of Versailles.  The third spells Versailles out in full, also showing flames rising and the phrase ‘gegen Versailles’. The final part reveals the complete NSDAP poster (with date still covered up).  Students then have to work out the significance of 6 labelled parts of the document and then annotate their own copy of slide 3.  They are then asked to speculate as to what the image represents.  They are also asked to explain the purpose of the document before considering when it might have been produced (June 1931).  Slide 5 gives the full answers!

The next activity asks students to rank A-D the quality of the arguments used by historians who argue that Versailles DID

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