How well do these cartoons cover the causes of World War One?

In pairs, Y9/GCSE students visit 9 different cartoons posted around the wall.

They have to work out:

a. Which cause is being ‘covered’ in each cartoon – sometimes two.

b. Which causes are NOT covered.

They are given a textbook diagram explaining the causes in the form of an artist’s impression to help them.

The 9 cartoons cover, in order:

    • German expansion
  • Nationalism in the Balkans
  • Imperial rivalry in North Africa – Morocco
  • Nationalism in the Balkans, toppling of Turkish Empire, (again)
  • Alliance system linked with assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand
  • Protection of Belgium
  • Imperial rivalry linked to naval race Imperial rivalry
  • Morocco and AlgecirasAlliance system linked to colonial rivalry

This leaves the arms race and the Franco-German rivalry over Alsace –Lorraine not covered and naval rivalry only fleetingly mentioned (sorry for the pun !)


Which causes of the First Wold War do these cartoonists refer to?  Which causes are missing?

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