In pairs, Y9/GCSE students visit 9 different cartoons posted around the wall.

They have to work out:

a. Which cause is being ‘covered’ in each cartoon – sometimes two.

b. Which causes are NOT covered.

They are given a textbook diagram explaining the causes in the form of an artist’s impression to help them.

The 9 cartoons cover, in order:

    • German expansion
  • Nationalism in the Balkans
  • Imperial rivalry in North Africa – Morocco
  • Nationalism in the Balkans, toppling of Turkish Empire, (again)
  • Alliance system linked with assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand
  • Protection of Belgium
  • Imperial rivalry linked to naval race Imperial rivalry
  • Morocco and AlgecirasAlliance system linked to colonial rivalry

This leaves the arms race and the Franco-German rivalry over Alsace –Lorraine not covered and naval rivalry only fleetingly mentioned (sorry for the pun !)