On the move: teaching the theme of migration at KS3 Smart Task


When looking at movement and settlement as a theme you will clearly want to look at:

• the reasons for both immigration and emigration (invasion ,expulsion, immigration
• how invaders were treated, through a series of case studies
• the effects of movements

The choice of case studies will be interesting, and will probably be guided to a large extent by the geographical location of your school.

I would suggest:

a. Movement to South Wales in the 19C, one of the fastest growing areas at the time.
b. Emigration from Ireland to the USA
c. Emigration from Russia (interesting example was Zoe Wannamaker’s family escaping a pogrom)
d. Kindertransport
e. Post-war immigration to Britain

in addition to work on pre-Conquest invasions and impact of Norman conquest.


This short, simple, but effective task comes from the Kindertransport section

Project this headline on the screen

“Refugees get jobs: Britons get dole (unemployment money)”

Ask pupils who they think the refugees might be? Many will mention asylum seekers, migrants from eastern Europe etc.

It is actually a Sunday Pictorial from June 1938. The newspaper is railing against Jewish refugees from Nazi Germany.

When the pupils know the context, does

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