For many pupils this will be their last topic in KS3 history, though some history departments prefer to end with a retrospective long term study. Most pupils enjoy the 20th century, though we need to ensure it is not just one war after another.  Almost inevitably the first lesson showcases the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand, but this time as a murder mystery.  There are also a couple of engaging lessons on recruitment, with hypotheses to test (involving numeracy) and posters to analyse.

The case study of Earnest Coleman provides a familiar history mystery, but with a twist. The lesson with the fantastic PowerPoint presentation of First World War soldier’s songs has pupils creating a graph to show soldiers’ changing attitudes as the war progresses.  A novel lesson on Battalion 101 has already proved a hit, combining a history mystery with excellent opportunities for the development of pupils’ emotional intelligence.  Similar skills are developed through a study of the dropping of the atomic bombs.  The post-war period, so rarely taught in sufficient detail, is approached by an overview using a tension graph and more original use of the 20th and 21stC Olympic Games as a reflection of the changing world from 1914-2008.

Work on 20C Britain can also be found in the enquiry into why women achieved the vote and the Suffragette Derby, as well as forthcoming lessons comparing Civil Rights in post-war USA with post-war immigration into Britain.

Prior to the London Olympics we added a range of different cameos for KS2 and KS3 showing how the history of the Olympics could be imaginatively integrated into your current teaching which can still be accessed here

KS3 Outstanding History Lessons

The following Key Stage 3 history lessons for teaching the 20th Century World have all been judged to be outstanding according to OFSTED criteria. You will find a wide variety of teaching and learning activities and full lesson plans as well as a rich array of teaching resources including PowerPoint® presentations.

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