Pupils have to design a set of stamps to show the 5 biggest changes introduced by William the Conqueror after Hastings, but first they need to place ideas on a spectrum ranging from massive change, through little change to continuity.


In small groups of three pupils have to brainstorm as many ideas as they can in 3 minutes as to what would be most likely to have changed when a new king took control and then feedback to gauge pupils’ starting points.

Step 1

Introduce the enquiry and the product. Pupils have been asked to create a set of 5 stamps to commemorate the CHANGES William the Conqueror made to England in his lifetime. Pupils are told that this is guided research. To start with they are going to be given 4 different changes William introduced and then have to place them on a spectrum ranging from Massive change, through very little change all the way to ‘continuity’. They need to be careful though, as explained on slide 3.

Step 2

Issue copies of the spectrum (RS2), enlarged to A3, one between two. Go through each of the 4 changes in turn (slides 5-8), asking pupils to place their

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