This lesson starts with a review of problems for factory workers in the 1830s before looking at the legislation.  Were all abuses dealt with by the Act?  The pupils then have to set about raising and answering questions using a range of resources, many of them drawn from one of the National Archives Learning Curve snapshots. You can access the snapshot directly by clicking here


Learning objectives

  • pupils consolidate their understanding of the main problems of working in a factory in 1830
  • they predict what might feature in the legislation
  •  they consider the extent to which the 1833 Act addressed these
  • they plan an enquiry into how we could find out how far the legislation worked.

Step 1

As a quick recap, pupils are shown slide 2 of the PowerPoint presentation.  They have to find 5 problems with working in a cotton mill in the 1830s that you can see in the picture and 3 that you cannot see.  Show  them the written source on slide 3 to help them with the things you cannot see in the picture.

Step 2

Go over the list using a textbook summary which is provided on slides 5 and 6.  Did the

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