WW2 – KQ2a – Why was it necessary for children to be evacuated? Introductory task

Why was it necessary for children to be evacuated throughout the war, and what was the experience of evacuation really like?

This question has two significant outstanding lessons to cover most of the content and to deliver important skills of asking historical questions and appreciating diversity of experience.

Before moving to these, and they are both fully explained on the site, it is worth setting the scene using slide 2 of the PowerPoint below.  Can pupils work out what is going on here?  It is a puzzling image but much can be deduced.  The best way to encourage pupils to look deeply is to use the strategy known as zones of inference.

In the innermost zone next to the photograph (as shown on slide 3) pupils write what they can see.  Working outwards, in the next zone they write what they can deduce or work out. In the final outermost zones, they write any questions that still puzzle them and they would like to be able to answer.  In this way you encourage curiosity and structured asking of historical questions.  This is repeated in the evacuation enquiry lesson itself.  If you feel your pupils would benefit from having the task

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