Pupils watch a brief introductory video for just 70 seconds, the point at which the film stops short of identifying all the evidence for existence of Black people in Britain in Roman times. The pupils’ job is to write the next 45 seconds of the film outlining the other evidence that the BBC film makers could have used. To do this they investigate a range of sources including another video and a website which refers to: the evidence for the existence of the ‘Ivory bangle lady’ in York, discovered as recently as 1902; evidence for the Libyan born emperor Septimius Severus who came to Britain in AD 208; proof of the Aurelian Moors who were stationed on Hadrian’s Wall; and objects of African derivation found in London.

Starter: Set the challenge.

Pupils are going to watch just 70 seconds of a BBC film made for KS2 pupils introducing the idea of Black people in Roman Britain. It lasts for just 75 seconds and falls short of identifying all the evidence that exists. It simply mentions a couple of finds and the existence of a black emperor. We want more. So, can the pupils add 45 seconds to the video to

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