Early Islamic civilization – KQ1 – Why should we study the early Islamic civilizations in school today? SMART TASK

One of the misfortunes of a long history of stereotyping and conflict between Islam and the West is that it has fostered ignorance. Muslims and westerners know too little of how much they have in common and how much they owe to each other. This is the premise behind the first question which asks pupils to work out, as far as they can, the possible reasons why we should study early Islam and Baghdad at this stage of its history.

Use slide 2 to remind pupils just how far and wide the early Islam influence spread. At the time two of the largest cities in the world grew up there: Baghdad and Cordoba in Spain.

What we want the pupils to do is to establish, early on, their own ideas as to why this early Islamic civilization is worth studying. To help them we have provided some clues.

Initially pupils work in groups to study a gallery of images (which you need to print off from the PowerPoint adding and deleting as you see fit), which give visual clues as to why the early Islamic civilization is important to study. As they do so, you work alongside, prompting, questioning, challenging

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