Key Question 6 consists of 2 Smart Tasks. Following a brief overview of the impact of early Islamic achievements on our world today, pupils work on two discrete tasks. Firstly they have to estimate which achievements they consider the most significant, giving a great opportunity for pupils to debate. Secondly, using the Mantle of the Expert technique pupils have to advise curators of a museum devoted to images of early Islam.

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Activity 1: Balloon debate. Which achievement from this period of early Islam was the most important?

A detailed PowerPoint steers you through the content you need to cover. There are 6 different aspects :

Science and Technology
Philosophy and Literature

For each topic there is an arresting image followed by a number of brief bullet points . This should provide a reasonable overview and offer pupils a basis on which to make their choice as to which aspect they will be promoting and researching in more detail.

After a quick interactive overview using a PowerPoint presentation which draws on pupils’ prior learning, pupils work in teams to make the case for one of these achievements being the most important. This will require

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