This exit task is a quick way of working out whether the key messages of your teaching about the Vikings have been understood and is best done towards the end of this KS2 topic so that you still have time to remedy any misapprehensions.

But first for the fun fact. Why do we all remember the Vikings at least on one day of the year? The answer is…. Happy Birthday. The children will be interested not only to discover that not only are happy and birth both Viking /Norse words, the word cake is Norse too!

The serious point behind this, of course, is that pupils remember that the Vikings were not just raiders and pirates but were also traders and settlers. Their presence in the north of England has left a lasting legacy on our language, even if they did slaughter monks – there goes another Norse word – slaughter!

How much do you really know about the Vikings? and a really fun fact

Now for the exit task. Below are 10 statements. Pupils simply write T for True F for false of U for unsure next to each of the following statements.

  1. The Vikings were just raiders and
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