Following an intriguing slow reveal of an interesting Victorian photograph showing the capture of the Oda’s palace in Benin, pupils create their own living graph to show Benin’s changing fortunes during the frantic decade of the 1890s. They then look for three key turning points in the story of how and why Benin became absorbed into the British Empire. The session then links neatly to the next lesson – Should the bronzes taken in 1897 be returned ?

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Step 1

Start by using the slow reveal technique, projecting slide 2. What does it show? The pupils should be able to recall the image of the Oba’s palace. Then show the next part of the image using slide 3 animate the next slide. What can the pupils now see? They should recall the various objects that we associate with the Benin palaces. Now animate the slide to reveal the central section. Can the pupils now work out what has just happened? Slide 4 links this to the image of the palace they will have seen before whereas slide 5 reinforces the significance of what they have just seen.

Step 2

Now place the event the photo has

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