At one point in recent years, there were real fears that Ancient Egypt would be axed from the KS2 curriculum. Mercifully it was reprieved so we now need to make sure that we do full justice to it. Full planning is available to subscribers below.

We need to focus on the attitudes, beliefs, and ways of life of Ancient Egyptians, which seem very remote to us today, and on the way we can build a clear picture of a past society 5,000 years ago through the study of evidence which has come to light scarcely 200 years ago. Not that too much of this topic should be focussed on chronology. As it is best taught in Y3, in my opinion, we don’t need to look in detail at the differences between the Old Middle and New Kingdoms. Instead we should look at the Gift of the Nile, the iconic images of pyramids, the centrally important religious beliefs and the way we can work out details of people’s daily lives by interpreting the fragments of evidence that have survived. The 6 key questions each address a crucial historical concept or process, majoring on understanding characteristic features and diversity of society and

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