Medium term planning for history at KS2

KS2 History Planning and Plans

All topics now have full medium-term plans rated as outstanding by OFSTED.  You will find them as downloadable high-quality files in the resources section below. You’ll need to scroll to the bottom.

Each plan has 6 key questions which address the most important content while focusing on key historical skills and concepts. You’ll then find carefully-crafted learning objectives each of which has matching outstanding lessons/activities which have been judged to be outstanding by OFSTED .

NB The resources you need are all contained within the individual outstanding lessons mentioned in the planner. So if you are buying a planner, please note that you will need to purchase the lessons that go with it too

They now include new updated plans on Ancient Civilizations: Egypt (Year 3 added March 2018) , Ancient Greece (Year 5/Year 6 added October 2017), 1000 years of Crime and Punishment for the Thematic Unit (added August 2017) The Home Front in World War Two , Roman Empire, the Anglo-Saxons and the Vikings as well as those for Stone Age to Iron Age, the Mayan Civilisation (Year 5), Early Islam/Baghdad c.900 (Year 5) and Benin (Year 5).

We will be

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