Medium term planning for history at KS2

KS2 History Planning and Plans

All topics now have full medium-term plans rated as outstanding by OFSTED.  You will find them as downloadable high-quality files in the resources section below. You’ll need to scroll to the bottom.

Each plan has 6 key questions which address the most important content while focusing on key historical skills and concepts. You’ll then find carefully-crafted learning objectives each of which has matching outstanding lessons/activities which have been judged to be outstanding by OFSTED .

Most importantly, nearly all activities within the planner are described in full detail in the outstanding lessons section. Yes, the lessons have been graded as outstanding by an OFSTED primary history inspector

NB The resources you need are all contained within the individual outstanding lessons mentioned in the planner. So if you are buying a planner, please note that you will need to purchase the lessons that go with it too

They now include new updated plans on Ancient Civilizations: Egypt (Year 3 added March 2018) , Ancient Greece (Year 5/Year 6 added October 2017), 1000 years of Crime and Punishment for the Thematic Unit (for Y6 added August 2017) The Home Front in World War Two (revised 2018)

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