Why did the Roman Emperor Claudius leave hot sunny Italy to invade cold wet Britain? Key Question 1 part 2

This lesson uses a variety of approaches including role play, decision-making, card sorts, hot seating and completing speech bubbles. The focus is clearly on causation.  It follows on from lessons in which pupils have already talked about the meaning of the term invasion and have done some useful PSHE work based on this. They are aware of the position of Rome, its climate, and the nature of the empire in the first century AD. They know that Julius Caesar had twice gone to Britain about 100 years before.

PLEASE NOTE: There is some overlap with the lesson ‘The Roman Invasion: have the books got it right?’ and the resources are the same.

Learning objectives

  • pupils are able to give a few reasons such as the raw materials Britain contained.
  • they are able to explain the possible motivation of Claudius based on their knowledge of his character
  • the more able discuss issues to do with the empire e.g. defence, source of slaves


Read  the motivating and amusing description of poor Claudius using the description on slide 3 of the PowerPoint.  He is in the shadow of Caesar but he wants to prove himself.  He is thinking of invading Britain. But

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