How were criminals punished 800 years ago, and how do we know? The story of the fox and the goose

Before you launch into the first key question you might like an introductory lesson in which you explore some of the issues pupils are going to be discussing so that the topic connects with their world today. This also has the benefit of exploring pupils’ perceptions and attitudes and as such makes a massive contribution to citizenship.  The survey provided as RS1 will help to focus discussion and to show how diverse pupils’ views are

Smart task 1

This illustration appeared in the margin of a medieval text-which helps us to answer the second part of the key question. Introduce pupils to the story of the fox and the goose which offers an accessible glimpse into medieval justice. Use the slow reveal technique to encourage pupils to focus on specific detail.

When they have been introduced to all aspects of the picture, ask the pupils to speculate as to the meaning of the pictures and annotate the features using the labels provided if you think this would help to consolidate the detail for some pupils.  Slide 5 explains the message

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