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The first raids early 790s

1. In 789 three ships from Norway landed in Dorset. The king’s local official went to meet the Vikings in the hope that they might trade with them.The Vikings turned on him and his men and murdered them all. All this blew over until in 793 ships from Norway suddenly attacked the monastery at Lindisfarne off the coast of Northumberland. They ransacked( a Viking word!) Lindisfarne, stealing the monks’ treasures of gold silver and silk, and killing those who tried to resist. This terrible episode terrified the nation.

Then in the next year 794 the Vikings attacked the monastery at Jarrow,a great centre of learning. The raids continued in the next year when the small island monastery of Iona off the west coast of Scotland was attacked, only to return less then a decade later in a raid in which they killed68 monks.

2.There was then a lull for about 30 years, 805-835

3.Then in 835 there was a serious raid on Sheppey in the Thames estuary. This marked the start of 200 years of attacks from Scandinavia. At first it was mainly southern England that bore the brunt,

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