This is not an outstanding lesson as such, more a collection of good ideas and support material to stimulate even better ideas of your own.

Working as expert design consultants for a local museum pupils have plenty of scope to be creative in the way they choose to represent what Christmas was like during World War Two. Initially pupils are asked to think about the possible pros and cons of Christmas festivities. Was it right to celebrate when a war was on? Having looked at a couple of photographs of typical wartime Christmas scenes, pupils then work in groups to explore how Christmas changed over the course of the war. They then select a particular year and decide how they will create a 3D display possibly making wartime decorations and a typical Christmas meal.

Learning objectives

  • Pupils can weigh up the reasons why there should and should not have been a continuation of festivities during the depths of war;
  • they can describe the major difference between war-time and pre-war Britain including references to rationing etc.;
  • they can research one year in detail to show how Christmas celebrations were forced to change because of what was happening in the war;
  • they
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