Having used a fast-paced Information Run activity to acquire the key points about Shang religion pupils are set the task of evaluating a made-for-schools TV program showing their real understanding by picking up what is missing or underdeveloped.  BBC Bitesize – What did the Shang people believe in? link

Learning objectives

  • Pupils understand that the Shang worshipped lots of gods, had ritual ceremonies, inc. human sacrifices, they worshipped their ancestors etc
  • Pupils develop ability to piece together various forms of information and distil the key points.
  • Pupils apply their knowledge in critical capacity by evaluating a made for schools TV programme

Step 1 – collecting information

To inject pace into the start of the session pupils are told that they will have to collect 10 pieces of information from you via an information run. Basically in teams of 5 pupils each make two runs, with 10 runs in all. The first pupil in each group runs to you to collect the first piece of information ( the 10 are provided as RS1) which you’ll need to cut up in advance 1 per each group of 5.

The first pupil up collects the slip[ returns to base reads it aloud, checks all

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