Stone Age to Iron Age – KQ3 – What can we learn about life in the Stone Age from a study of Skara Brae?

Start the sessions on Skara Brae with a story and then move onto where it was and when the event occurred.  (If you want a little more background yourself then we have added some answers to common questions about the site – see downloadable resource below)

Resource sheet 1 gives you an account: you might want to make more dramatic. You might like to include images as you tell the story. Slide 3 shows the archaeological excavations of the 1920s.

Now locate Skara Brae in time and place using slides 4 of the PowerPoint and interactive video from the BBC site:
It lasts just 45 seconds but it does show the relationship between Skara Brae and the coast very well.

Locate Skara Brae on a timeline such as the one shown on slide 5. Link it to Stonehenge (which pupils will have heard of and which they study next) and the emergence of farming.

The question we want to ask is, ‘What does a study of Skara Brae tell us about life at the end of the Stone Age?’

Orientate the children using slides 9-11 of the PowerPoint so they can visualise the remains, their state of preservation and

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