Mary Seacole – How should we remember her?

This lesson is the second featuring Mary Seacole.  In the first her role was compared with Florence Nightingale’s. The focus now shifts to asking two key questions: which was Mary Seacole’s greatest achievement ; why is she not remembered as well as Florence?

Learning objectives

  • children can list a range of achievements of Mary and begin to make a judgment about which they consider to be the most important
  • they consider reasons why she is less well-remembered than Florence and think up imaginative, creative ways in which she could be better commemorated.


As the children to think of ways in which Mary’s work and achievement might best be remembered. What different ways can they think of? Ask for ideas and then reveal slide 2 with its four ideas. Can the children now think of any others? Some may say stamps.

Step 1

Right on cue, you hope, show slide 3 which has a set of recent commemorative stamps. Can the children find the face of Mary? This is just her face. If we were going to make a whole set of stamps all about Mary’s actions what would they be ?

Step 2

Children work in pairs to recall

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