This enduring mystery has puzzled historians for over 75 years. New evidence has just come to light which makes this an ideal opportunity for pupils to explore reasons for themselves. Clearly pupils will not be capable of adding fresh ideas: all we want here is for them to talk through the various possibilities and to come up with an explanation that they find the most compelling. We want them to use their thinking skills and to develop the confidence to EXPLAIN using their own words, not just accept the pre-packaged ideas given in one book.

Step 1

Start by showing slide 2 on the PowerPoint presentation which gives the context. Slide 3 then shows a contemporary newspaper report confirming how and when she died. So far so good, but now introduce an element of mystery. How could an experienced pilot who had flown solo to Australia end up drowned on such a short flight in her own country.

Big up the mystery side of this enquiry by showing Slide 4 which shows that new evidence has come to light. In fact the new theory is rather gruesome so we have decided not to include it and to ask pupils to

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