Pupils explore a range of ways in which monarchs are commemorated, focusing on Queen Elizabeth II, before going onto design a set of three stamps which contain images of the most sigificant changes during their reigns.

Learning objectives

  • Pupils are able to cite at least 3 important ways in which monarchs from the past are commemorated
  • They then select one event from their chosen reign to show their understanding of significance

Suggested approach

Step 1 – Pooling ideas

Which forms of commemoration do pupils think are appropriate?
Take the reign of Elizabeth II for example. Looking at slide 2 can then pupils identify the different types of commemoration: statue, mug, street art in the form of banknote showing her lifelong personal passions, horses and with corgis, coins and trees.

Which would pupils vote for? Are their ideas better.

Step 2 – Mantle of the Expert

Explain the scenario.

To celebrate the role of women in history a new set of stamps is being commissioned. Pupils are asked to use their knowledge of what happened in the reigns of the 3 queens to design images of the most important changes from each reign and draw them on new postage stamp-one image

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