How should we film the sinking of the Titanic? KQ4

Stephen Spielberg has asked for a historically accurate poster for a new film he is planning on the sinking of the Titanic.  He wants school children to design a poster for him, but it MUST be historically accurate.  The children can only ensure this if they look carefully at the evidence and use their skills of cross-referencing. By placing a range of contrasting images in a gallery, the activity invites pupils to look at each image and make notes before returning to work with the design team to create an authentic, accurate poster.  This film director has been criticised in the past for not using evidence just making it up.  So this time we have to make sure we use all the sources we have.


Children have an overview of the sinking and rescue but in outline only. They have not studied the process of rescue in detail.

Learning objectives

  • children show ability to compare similarities and differences in images available to historians.
  • they are able to pick out which aspects appear most often
  • they use their creative flair to design a poster for a film director showing what happened, having synthesised the available evidence



Children are

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