The Gunpowder Plot: Prove it using a gallery of images

The downloadable PowerPoint provides all the images needed to set up a gallery for a lesson that places pupils in the role of detectives that have to find evidence to back up statements that have been made about the Gunpowder plot.

This is just one part of the lesson materials.  For subscribers there is a full lesson plan with ideas for setting the scene; a range of statement cards which can be carefully matched to children’s learning needs; recording sheets for the hunt for images that match the statements; correctly matched answers and details of how to make the most of the  PowerPoint in the plenary.

These slides enable you to design your own lesson around this idea but check there is plenty of space for you to display 20 images around the room and for groups of pupils to ‘visit’ them without too much congestion!

Also available to subscribers:

Smart Task: Using drama to teach the Gunpowder plot at Key Stage 1: a big hat, a lantern and a sleeping guard.

and a Smart Task called ‘Dear Producer’ in which pupils predict what a short video clip should show and then evaluate a real example.


 The Gunpowder Plot.  Prove it!

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