Starter activity on religious changes in the reign of Edward VI. SMART TASK KS3

A quick small group starter task in which pupils collaborate to show what meaning they can make from an image taken from Foxe’s Book of Martyrs. They use the PowerPoint jig-sawed slides to feedback, while you use the notes provided to take pupils from where they are to a deeper understanding of the religious changes of Edward VI’s reign.

 It is assumed that they will already have studied the changes, but will not have seen this image, so it is being used to check and consolidate understanding.

As pupils enter the room, they are given an envelope containing a cut-up image taken from Foxe’s Book of Martyrs which illustrates some of the important changes that occurred during Edward VI’s reign.  Pupils work in teams of three, each with their own piece, to see who can be the first to work out what are the 10 main messages that the artist wants us to know about Edward VI’s church.  The obvious things are worth 1 point, the more subtle or complex ideas are worth 2 points.

Each group of 3 has only part of the picture. You will need to cut up PowerPoint slide 2, as shown on subsequent slides.  Pupils

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